We are truly, madly, deeply in love with food, and here is where we get to bear our culinary souls. Whether we’re celebrating the season’s first peaches, highlighting one of our farmers, or just sharing a bit of our philosophy with you, here’s where you can get to know more about that which inspires us.

Consider This

Read the labels and say it proud.

Consider Bardwell has a long cheesemaking history that stretches from the Civil War era to today. The farm straddles the Vermont/New York border and was the site of Vermont’s first dairy co-op started by Consider Bardwell (yes, it’s a real name. You had to be there.) One hundred plus years later Angela Miller, Russell Glover, Chris Gray and their extraordinary cheesemaking team, have revitalized that tradition with a 100 strong goat dairy while getting supplemental cow’s milk from neighboring farms. We love their cheeses both cow and goat. We always have Pawlet on hand and we’ll usually have one or another of their cheeses in house whether it be Dorset, Manchester or Rupert. Currently we have two somewhat exclusive cheeses in the shop.


Matt’s Favorite Five Things

Selecting Our Wheels Of Cabot Clothbound At Jasper Hill

There are far more than five things that I am in love with in our shop. It is hard to choose. But this is an attempt at selecting the five items that I love right now, and that I think you will too.

While consumed with my daily duties in our kitchen, the love for the items in my shop is unwavering. Many of the cured meats and cheeses are like old friends. I greet them almost like a dog- at first with a glance, then a sniff and finally a lick- and the clock is rolled back as the flavors take me back to a very distinct place and time. Good food makes for great memories. In the shop, I am overwhelmed with great memories.


Oh Honey!

Honey collection is an ancient activity. Prior to the discovery of cane sugar and even prior to deriving sugar from beets, honey was the sweetener of choice. Many religious instituitions have high regard for honey or have  used  it in their rituals. Long story short, honey has been with us humans for a long time. But due to several factors like crazy weather patterns and the encroachment of human beings on previously arable or uncleared land, among other factors, honey could be in short supply.


Late Winter & Spring Recipe File

“I am so over winter!”

It’s been a while since we included some recipes on our site. Here is the collection of recipes from our email campaigns from the beginning of the year, through the end of May. Though the offerings may have come and gone, you can be sure they’ll be back again.  So print them out and save them for later in the year. Enjoy!


Plate It Up!

Slate or wood? It’s all good. There are a number of ways to present your cheese with flair.

If you were to come into the restaurant for dinner tonight and order a cheese plate you would get an amazing selection of our cheeses, some honey, a jam and our delicious housemade candied nuts. It would all come to you on a beautiful ebon slate from Brooklyn Slate Co. However, if you had come two years ago you would’ve had your cheeses displayed on wood planks from J.K. Adams. (more…)